Emotional Reflexology
By Jenny Talkington



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Emotional Reflexology a Practical Guide by

Jenny Talkington

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About the Book:

This guide is for any student or highly qualified and experienced Reflexologist. The emotional balance of a client is as important as any physical imbalances. In her extensive training and experience, Jenny has noticed and tested her theories on hundreds of individuals and after over a decade of experience has distilled and now shares with you, her findings.


This clear step-by-step guide will show the reflexes on the feet or hands that relate to particular emotional states and then offers suggestions and ideas as how to best help the client regain their own equilibrium.

About the Author

Jenny trained as a Reflexologist with the Oxford School of Reflexology and now has over a decade of continuous professional development and experience in running a busy reflexology practice. By treating hundreds of clients, she has noticed that emotional links consistently show up on the reflexes of the feet . So many fellow Reflexologists have asked Jenny how she can be so accurate with the emotional issues, that she felt it was time to share her knowledge and experience to Reflexologists and individuals interested in the more holistic therapeutic effects of reflexology.



As human beings we are not just made up of cells, tissues, organs and systems, we are also blessed with a wonderful array of human emotions. For example fear, anger, sadness, excitement and just being at peace with ones self. The strong links between how we feel emotionally and how we feel physically goes without question.

Most good Reflexologists training and reflexology books show which physical system or organ's reflex is located where on the feet using foot maps that are all derivatives of Eunice Ingams original. As with any healthy practice, the foot charts have evolved and new points and “helper” points are being found as more and more people continue to test the original theories and practices.


This book is not about the exact locations of each reflex in relation to its physical organ, gland or system, as there is enough good quality material available on that subject. I will however be using the foot chart that I was trained with. I recommend that anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge about the emotional links within reflexology use the foot chart/s that you know work for you and your practice.


This book has been written to show the extra dimension to a reflexology session which, I hope, allows a holistic practitioner to not just treat the human anatomy and physiology but to balance the feelings that as humans we are blessed with too.

For Reflexologists who are serious about gaining a deeper understanding, its well worthwhile attending one of the popular workshops.


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